Wa'ed's Venture Capital (VC) arm compliments the Wa’ed loan financing program by providing direct equity investment to companies that are looking for a venture partner. Investing in a broad range of early-stage companies through existing corporations looking to expand, Wa'ed VC aims to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, with the overall objective of fostering economic development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Wa'ed VC is comprised of an eclectic, broad-ranging yet unified group of individuals who promote an open and welcoming environment, ripe for prosperity and innovation.

For a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurs’ needs, in order to better support them, Wa'ed VC promotes an atmosphere that encourages real-time engagement with entrepreneurs.

Wa'ed VC advocates an approach that differs from typical Venture Capital functions that focus exclusively on one objective: profit. At Wa'ed VC, the focus is not only on profit, but also on the creation of quality jobs and economic diversification in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, it is a VC function with a national agenda.

  • Seed Capital Stage: An entrepreneur has a new idea or early product prototype. Often, no established organization or legal structure is in place.
  • Early Stage: The organization has employees and products in the developmental or early revenue stage.
  • Growth Stage: An established infrastructure is in place, and the company has a viable product that is market-ready and generating revenue. This stage includes companies that are established in foreign jurisdictions that seek expansion into the Saudi market.

Wa’ed has a Kingdom development focus and is not sector focused. Wa'ed finances value-driven projects in line with the following priorities;

  • Projects in remote and developing regions
  • Highest in quality job creation
  • Products that are first to be produced locally
  • Innovation driven projects
  • Products that replace imports

Wa’ed funds projects across a broad spectrum of sectors including Healthcare, Education, Energy-related ventures, among many other sectors, and is currently expanding into the Food & Beverage, Tourism, and Lifestyle sectors.

Sourcing Deals

Active engagement with KSA entrepreneurial stakeholders to ensure high quality investment opportunities.

Executing Deals

Upon due diligence completion, investment amount and structure is designed to fit the required needs.

Value Adding

Serving on board of directors of investees to add value and align strategic interests.

Exiting Deals

A set investment return is targeted for each investment, along with timetable for the subsequent exit.

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