Wa'ed has agreed to finance Saudi Arabian Rofoof company with an amount of 100,000SR after Saudi entrepreneur Jihan Harbi, CEO together with her team, made a presentation of Rofoof's idea to Wa’ed to get the funding.

Rofoof which means “shelves” is an e-commerce platform that allows customers to buy and sell used books, by facilitating access to books at reasonable prices and by spreading awareness among consumers through re-circulation of used books, thus leading to economic benefits at both the individual and the community levels. The platform will be launched This year 2017.

Rofoof has a knowledge and cultural goal through facilitating the customer's access to books that suit his interests and culture at reasonable prices that are affordable to all. The establishment of the company was preceded by a thorough study of the market by a team of three women. The demand for the project services is expected to continue to grow including school and university books, publications, religious, scientific, technical and literary books, Braille books for the blind, as well as dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Wa’ed funding comes through its non-refundable grant program, for start-up and eligible start-up companies, provided they meet the eligibility pre-requisites. Wa’ed fund finances up to SR 100,000.